LED Cork Lights

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These LED Cork Lights enable you to turn your old used bottles into beautiful decorative bottle lamps! The Led bottle cork also makes an extremely useful party decor as it can be shaped into multiple forms of creative decor lightings that regular lights cant. It also provides you with a creative excuse to drink more!

led bottle cork


  • The led cork lights are made of high silver wire and are extremely flexible. The high flexibility makes it extremely versatile in use and it can be fit into any type of bottle and can be shaped into multiple forms
  • Waterproof and extremely durable
  • It's low heat generating and energy-saving design makes it extremely environmentally friendly and safe to use
cork led lights for bottles

Item Specifics:

  • Material: Silver, Copper
  • Length of wire: 2m
  • 20 LEDs per string
  • Battery Included
  • Package Includes: 1 x Led Cork Light