Banana Cat Bed

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This banana cat bed will keep your adorable feline friend all warm and cozy! Every cat looks for weird spots to sleep in like a small carton box, wardrobe, etc, this weird banana bed will actually give them a cozy place to take a nap inside!

Banana Cat Bed


  • Made with breathable, super soft and thick fabric which keeps your cat warm and cozy even during the chilliest nights

  • 3 sizes available for pets of different sizes and weights

  • The bed works well both for cats and small dogs 

  • The cat bed has a peelable banana top making it extremely easy to use; just peel it open from the top to allow your cat to enter into it or peel it back in to stop your cat from entering it

banana shaped cat bed

 Banana Cat Bed Sizing:

M: 23 inches long x 12 inches wide 

L: 27 inches long x 15 inches wide 

XL: 38 inches long x 19 inches wide 

Item Specifics:

  • Materials: Coral Fleece Fabric

  • Package Includes: 1 x Banana Cat Bed