3D Animal Bookmarks

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Time to get rid of your old boring bookmarks and get these hilarious squashed animals to make reading even more fun and interesting. The 3D Animal Bookmarks have a cartoonishly hilarious design to make them funnier and a perfect gift for a child!

3d animal bookmarks


  • 3D bookmark with very high attention to details to make it cartoonishly funny
  • The compact size makes it easier to carry and use
  • 5 different designs with varying sizes; Cat, Mouse, Gecko, Wolf, Donkey & Rabbit
  • Perfect gift for a librarian, bookworm or a child
animal bookmarks

Item Specifics:

  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: Varies upon the animal design you choose (average size: 5cm x 10cm)
  • Weight:10 gm
  • Package Includes:1 x 3D Animal Bookmarks